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911/ Communication Center4 documents

    document Header 911-FREQUENTLY-ASKED-QUESTIONS.pdf
  • CarbonCounty PA 2015 HMP.pdf
    document Header CarbonCounty PA 2015 HMP.pdf
  • HouseWatchCodes2.pdf
    document Header HouseWatchCodes2.pdf
  • Radio Problem Report-3.pdf
    document Header Radio Problem Report-3.pdf

Agendas & Minutes1 document

  • Agendas & Minutes
    document Header Agendas & Minutes

Aging6 documents

  • 2021-SFMNP-Application-1.pdf
    document Header 2021-SFMNP-Application-1.pdf
  • agency sc brochures.pdf
    document Header agency sc brochures.pdf
  • Carbon Co Calendar Notice.pdf
    document Header Carbon Co Calendar Notice.pdf
  • Carbon-Senior-Centers-22-2.pdf
    document Header Carbon-Senior-Centers-22-2.pdf
  • Instructions-to-complete-Farmers-Market-Application.pdf
    document Header Instructions-to-complete-Farmers-Market-Application.pdf
  • PUBLIC-HEARING-5-26-2021.pdf
    document Header PUBLIC-HEARING-5-26-2021.pdf

Animal Shelter4 documents

  • Adoption Application.pdf
    document Header Adoption Application.pdf
  • ASAB Finalized Bylaws approved 08112022.pdf
    document Header ASAB Finalized Bylaws approved 08112022.pdf
  • CCAS-Assessment-003.pdf
    document Header CCAS-Assessment-003.pdf
  • Landlord Rental Contract.pdf
    document Header Landlord Rental Contract.pdf

Bid Opportunities2 documents

  • Iron St. Invitation to Bid
    document Header Iron St. Invitation to Bid
  • LEGAL AD food service aging.pdf
    document Header LEGAL AD food service aging.pdf

Broadband Study1 document

  • Carbon County Broadband Study 2022
    document Header Carbon County Broadband Study 2022

Budgets (2022-present)1 document

  • 2022 Final Budget
    document Header 2022 Final Budget

Controller2 documents

  • 2022.Q2-CarbonCounty PerformanceReport.pdf
    document Header 2022.Q2-CarbonCounty PerformanceReport.pdf
  • Transparency Documents
    document Header Transparency Documents

Coroner2 documents

  • Carbon-County-Cremation-Authorization-Form-2020.pdf
    document Header Carbon-County-Cremation-Authorization-Form-2020.pdf
  • RequestforReports.pdf
    document Header RequestforReports.pdf

Correctional Facility1 document

  • Bail-Bonds.pdf
    document Header Bail-Bonds.pdf

District Attorney2 documents

  • ARD APP.pdf
    document Header ARD APP.pdf
  • continuance.pdf
    document Header continuance.pdf

Elections24 documents

  • 2020-04-06-Summary-Campaign-Finance-Notarization.pdf
    document Header 2020-04-06-Summary-Campaign-Finance-Notarization.pdf
  • 2022 Order of Recount.pdf
    document Header 2022 Order of Recount.pdf
  • 2022-Campaign-Finance-Calendar.pdf
    document Header 2022-Campaign-Finance-Calendar.pdf
  • 2022-Election-Calendar.pdf
    document Header 2022-Election-Calendar.pdf
  • 24-Hour-Reporting-Form.pdf
    document Header 24-Hour-Reporting-Form.pdf
  • Carbon County Board of Elections Designated Agent Letter.pdf
    document Header Carbon County Board of Elections Designated Agent Letter.pdf
  • Carbon.mp4
    document Header Carbon.mp4
  • DSEB-500.pdf
    document Header DSEB-500.pdf
  • DSEB-501.pdf
    document Header DSEB-501.pdf
  • DSEB-502.pdf
    document Header DSEB-502.pdf
  • DSEB-503.pdf
    document Header DSEB-503.pdf
  • DSEB-504.pdf
    document Header DSEB-504.pdf
  • DSEB-504B.pdf
    document Header DSEB-504B.pdf
  • DSEB-505.pdf
    document Header DSEB-505.pdf
  • Election Results
    document Header Election Results
  • Election Returns Website.pdf
    document Header Election Returns Website.pdf
  • fwab-2019-1.pdf
    document Header fwab-2019-1.pdf
  • fwab-revised-for-2022-Election.pdf
    document Header fwab-revised-for-2022-Election.pdf
  • PADOS PermStatusCancellationForm.pdf
    document Header PADOS PermStatusCancellationForm.pdf
    document Header PETITIONS-MAY-18-2021-MUNICIPAL-PRIMARY-1.pdf
  • Polling-PLACES-04-07-2022.pdf
    document Header Polling-PLACES-04-07-2022.pdf
  • POLLING-PLACES-LISTING-51-SITES-10-29-2021.pdf
    document Header POLLING-PLACES-LISTING-51-SITES-10-29-2021.pdf
  • Sample Ballots
    document Header Sample Ballots
  • UMOVA-NOTICE-09-12-2022.pdf
    document Header UMOVA-NOTICE-09-12-2022.pdf

Emergency Management2 documents

  • Carbon County 2010 Hazard Mitigation Plan.pdf
    document Header Carbon County 2010 Hazard Mitigation Plan.pdf
  • CarbonCounty PA 2015 HMP.pdf
    document Header CarbonCounty PA 2015 HMP.pdf

Financial Documents (2021-present)6 documents

20216 documents

  • Annual Financial Report 2021
    document Header Annual Financial Report 2021
  • Capital Expenditures 2021
    document Header Capital Expenditures 2021
  • Debt Statement 2021
    document Header Debt Statement 2021
  • Retirement Statement 2021
    document Header Retirement Statement 2021
  • Statement of Activities 2021
    document Header Statement of Activities 2021
  • Statement of Net Assets 2021
    document Header Statement of Net Assets 2021

Geographical Information Systems/ Mapping7 documents

  • 2019 CCGISFee Schedule.pdf
    document Header 2019 CCGISFee Schedule.pdf
  • Carbon County GIS Layers Request.pdf
    document Header Carbon County GIS Layers Request.pdf
  • CCGIS Data Request Agreement.pdf
    document Header CCGIS Data Request Agreement.pdf
  • GIS-Frequently-Asked-Questions-1.pdf
    document Header GIS-Frequently-Asked-Questions-1.pdf
  • Surveying-Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf
    document Header Surveying-Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf
  • Surveyors-List-update.pdf
    document Header Surveyors-List-update.pdf
  • TA-Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf
    document Header TA-Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf

Government3 documents

  • Carbon Unofficial ElectionSummaryReportRPT.pdf
    document Header Carbon Unofficial ElectionSummaryReportRPT.pdf
  • Carbon-County PA Proposal.pdf
    document Header Carbon-County PA Proposal.pdf
  • Jim-Thorpe-Parking-Lot-Safety.mp4
    document Header Jim-Thorpe-Parking-Lot-Safety.mp4

How do I Apply for/ Obtain2 documents

  • existing.pdf
    document Header existing.pdf
  • new.pdf
    document Header new.pdf

Human Resources2 documents

  • empapp-fillable-rev-06-17-2022.pdf
    document Header empapp-fillable-rev-06-17-2022.pdf
  • Employment Opportunities
    document Header Employment Opportunities

Links6 documents

  • 161230 Jim Thorpe Trail Connection MSDP Draft reduced.pdf
    document Header 161230 Jim Thorpe Trail Connection MSDP Draft reduced.pdf
  • Car complete plan 2013.pdf
    document Header Car complete plan 2013.pdf
  • Carbon Co DraftReport 2019.pdf
    document Header Carbon Co DraftReport 2019.pdf
  • Carbon-County-2021-HMP Jan 2022.pdf
    document Header Carbon-County-2021-HMP Jan 2022.pdf
  • SKMBT C65219121914210.pdf
    document Header SKMBT C65219121914210.pdf
  • SpottedLanternFly.pdf
    document Header SpottedLanternFly.pdf

Mauch Chunk Lake Park7 documents

  • MembershipForm2022.pdf
    document Header MembershipForm2022.pdf
  • ORDINANCE 1993-02.pdf
    document Header ORDINANCE 1993-02.pdf
  • ORDINANCE 1997-02.pdf
    document Header ORDINANCE 1997-02.pdf
  • ORDINANCE 1997-03.pdf
    document Header ORDINANCE 1997-03.pdf
  • ORDINANCE 2005-01.pdf
    document Header ORDINANCE 2005-01.pdf
  • ORDINANCE 2013-01.pdf
    document Header ORDINANCE 2013-01.pdf
  • OrganizationForm2022.pdf
    document Header OrganizationForm2022.pdf

Parking3 documents

  • Parking-Fees-and-Zones-(JAN-2021).pdf
    document Header Parking-Fees-and-Zones-(JAN-2021).pdf
  • Parking-Map-as-of-12-May-2022.jpg
    document Header Parking-Map-as-of-12-May-2022.jpg
  • Parking-Ordinance-2020-02-Signed-2.pdf
    document Header Parking-Ordinance-2020-02-Signed-2.pdf

Planning & Development5 documents

  • 2022-Carbon-County-Planning-Commission-Fee-Schedule.pdf
    document Header 2022-Carbon-County-Planning-Commission-Fee-Schedule.pdf
  • Ag Land and Open Space Bond Info - Conservation Finannce Feasibility Study, March 2021
    document Header Ag Land and Open Space Bond Info - Conservation Finannce Feasibility Study, March 2021
  • Carbon County Farmland Preservation Application.pdf
    document Header Carbon County Farmland Preservation Application.pdf
  • CCPC-Application-12-20-2021-2.pdf
    document Header CCPC-Application-12-20-2021-2.pdf
  • HOME-Pre Application PDF.pdf
    document Header HOME-Pre Application PDF.pdf

Public Defender1 document

  • PDApplication.pdf
    document Header PDApplication.pdf

Public Notices3 documents

  • MEDIA ALERT-LANTA-Suspension-of-Lynx-Service-effective-26-MAR-2020.pdf
    document Header MEDIA ALERT-LANTA-Suspension-of-Lynx-Service-effective-26-MAR-2020.pdf
  • Special meeting notice - CCHA.pdf
    document Header Special meeting notice - CCHA.pdf
  • TEFRA-Notice-LVHN-2022-DMFIRM 404122491(6).pdf
    document Header TEFRA-Notice-LVHN-2022-DMFIRM 404122491(6).pdf

Purchasing1 document

  • Bid Opportunities
    document Header Bid Opportunities

Recorder of Deeds2 documents

  • Fee-increase-notice.pdf
    document Header Fee-increase-notice.pdf
  • Recording-Requirements-03-24-2021.pdf
    document Header Recording-Requirements-03-24-2021.pdf

Register of Wills3 documents

  • APP-06-27-2022.pdf
    document Header APP-06-27-2022.pdf
  • MLR.pdf
    document Header MLR.pdf
    document Header SIGNED-FEE-SCHED.pdf

Requests for Proposal1 document

  • RFP for Auditing Services 04-14-2022
    document Header RFP for Auditing Services 04-14-2022

Right to Know2 documents

  • RTKRequestForm.docx
    document Header RTKRequestForm.docx
  • RTKRequestForm.pdf
    document Header RTKRequestForm.pdf

Tax Assessment13 documents

  • 2022 Millage Rates.pdf
    document Header 2022 Millage Rates.pdf
  • appeals-reading-05-19-2022.pdf
    document Header appeals-reading-05-19-2022.pdf
  • Appeals2022.pdf
    document Header Appeals2022.pdf
  • clean and green facts.pdf
    document Header clean and green facts.pdf
  • Commercial-Appeal-Application.pdf
    document Header Commercial-Appeal-Application.pdf
  • homestead form.pdf
    document Header homestead form.pdf
  • Occupation-Millage-and-Per-Capita-Rates-03-16-2022.pdf
    document Header Occupation-Millage-and-Per-Capita-Rates-03-16-2022.pdf
  • Real-Estate-Millages-03-16-2022.pdf
    document Header Real-Estate-Millages-03-16-2022.pdf
  • Residential Property Record Card Breakdown.pdf
    document Header Residential Property Record Card Breakdown.pdf
  • Residential-Appeal-Application.pdf
    document Header Residential-Appeal-Application.pdf
  • tax assess clean green.pdf
    document Header tax assess clean green.pdf
  • Tax-Assessment-Reading-10-29-2021.pdf
    document Header Tax-Assessment-Reading-10-29-2021.pdf
  • Tax-Collectors-Office-Hours-03-16-2022.pdf
    document Header Tax-Collectors-Office-Hours-03-16-2022.pdf

Tax Claim13 documents

  • 2021-Act-33-PA-General-Assembly.pdf
    document Header 2021-Act-33-PA-General-Assembly.pdf
  • 2022 Upset Sale List as of 09-09-2022.pdf
    document Header 2022 Upset Sale List as of 09-09-2022.pdf
  • 2022-Upset-Sale-forms.pdf
    document Header 2022-Upset-Sale-forms.pdf
  • 3rd-Party-Collection-Information-Updated-1-14-2022.pdf
    document Header 3rd-Party-Collection-Information-Updated-1-14-2022.pdf
  • JUDICIA-Q&A-revised-07-01-2021.pdf
    document Header JUDICIA-Q&A-revised-07-01-2021.pdf
  • Repository List 3-30-2022.pdf
    document Header Repository List 3-30-2022.pdf
  • Repository-Dates.pdf
    document Header Repository-Dates.pdf
  • Repository-Forms.pdf
    document Header Repository-Forms.pdf
  • Repository-Questions-Answers-Revised-8-30-2021.pdf
    document Header Repository-Questions-Answers-Revised-8-30-2021.pdf
    document Header TAX LIEN CERTIFICATE REQUEST 2018.pdf
  • UNCLAIMED-EXCESS-FUNDS-LIST-rev-02-25-2022.pdf
    document Header UNCLAIMED-EXCESS-FUNDS-LIST-rev-02-25-2022.pdf
  • UPSET-Q&A-revised-07-01-2021.pdf
    document Header UPSET-Q&A-revised-07-01-2021.pdf

Treasurer7 documents

  • 2018gamesofchance.pdf
    document Header 2018gamesofchance.pdf
  • 2021-Bingo-License-Application-1.pdf
    document Header 2021-Bingo-License-Application-1.pdf
  • dog license application.pdf
    document Header dog license application.pdf
  • hotel excise tax forms-updated-01-31-2022.pdf
    document Header hotel excise tax forms-updated-01-31-2022.pdf
  • HotelTaxOrdinance2019 03.pdf
    document Header HotelTaxOrdinance2019 03.pdf
  • HotelTaxRulesandRegulations2019 03.pdf
    document Header HotelTaxRulesandRegulations2019 03.pdf
  • lifetime dog license application.pdf
    document Header lifetime dog license application.pdf

Veterans Affairs26 documents

  • 2022 Veterans Day Parade Application
    document Header 2022 Veterans Day Parade Application
  • 25-Mentor-Application.pdf
    document Header 25-Mentor-Application.pdf
  • 26-Policy-on-Confidentiality.pdf
    document Header 26-Policy-on-Confidentiality.pdf
  • 27-Volunteer-Participant-Release-and-Waiver-of-Liability.pdf
    document Header 27-Volunteer-Participant-Release-and-Waiver-of-Liability.pdf
  • Amputee-and-Paralyzed-Veterans-Pension.pdf
    document Header Amputee-and-Paralyzed-Veterans-Pension.pdf
  • Background Check Waiver for Mentors.pdf
    document Header Background Check Waiver for Mentors.pdf
  • Blind-Veterans'-Pension.pdf
    document Header Blind-Veterans'-Pension.pdf
    document Header BURIAL EXPENSE FOR VETERANS.pdf
  • Connect-It-may-save-a-life-reachout.pdf
    document Header Connect-It-may-save-a-life-reachout.pdf
  • Educational-Gratuity.pdf
    document Header Educational-Gratuity.pdf
  • Federal-Benefits-for-Veterans-and-Dependents-2019.pdf
    document Header Federal-Benefits-for-Veterans-and-Dependents-2019.pdf
  • GRAND OPENING Veterans Hub
    document Header GRAND OPENING Veterans Hub
  • headstone expense.pdf
    document Header headstone expense.pdf
  • MFRAP.pdf
    document Header MFRAP.pdf
  • pensionprogram-and-representation.pdf
    document Header pensionprogram-and-representation.pdf
  • Pop Up booth.jpg
    document Header Pop Up booth.jpg
  • Real-Estate-Tax-Exemption.pdf
    document Header Real-Estate-Tax-Exemption.pdf
  • Scouting for Vets.pdf
    document Header Scouting for Vets.pdf
  • September Vietnam Vet Coffee CLub.pdf
    document Header September Vietnam Vet Coffee CLub.pdf
  • SKMBT C28021091409370.pdf
    document Header SKMBT C28021091409370.pdf
  • TWV NEPA Community Quarterly Meetings October
    document Header TWV NEPA Community Quarterly Meetings October
  • TWV NEPA veterans day event 2022 ATTENDEES (2).pdf
    document Header TWV NEPA veterans day event 2022 ATTENDEES (2).pdf
  • TWV-NEPA-Lehighton-Community-Conversation-on-Veterans-Mental-Health-and-Wellness.pdf
    document Header TWV-NEPA-Lehighton-Community-Conversation-on-Veterans-Mental-Health-and-Wellness.pdf
  • Veterans-Temporary-Assistance.pdf
    document Header Veterans-Temporary-Assistance.pdf
  • VTC Participant Handbook.pdf
    document Header VTC Participant Handbook.pdf