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The Carbon County Recorder of Deeds office is a County government office which is run by the Recorder of Deeds, an elected official, and his/her staff.

The basic operation of this office is very important for preserving and maintaining all land records, which include, but are not limited to:

Deeds: a document which is recorded to show ownership of property.
Mortgages: a document which is recorded when an owner borrows money against their property.
Easements and Right-of-Ways: a document which is recorded to allow any person or company the right to go over or under your property.

Most documents recorded in this office pertain to property. The documents will all be copied and scanned into our computer system. After the documents are scanned into the system, the process is to index (type all the information from the document in to the system) information. Verification is the last step taken. This is a process in which all the information that has been typed into the system is printed out and someone double checks the document with the print out to avoid any errors in typing. Once a document is marked verified, the computer now stores the information and when enough documents have been recorded and scanned into the system, the computer will ask you to write a disc to save the information as an extra backup. The state archives have not yet approved a computer as a means of accurate storage, so in order to abide by state law; we have to write one extra disc which is sent out to a company to be transferred onto a microfilm. This type of storage is allowed by the state.

The recorder of deeds also will assist the public in obtaining copies of their documents which they have misplaced or lost. We can also help you trace back your property and all the previous owners and purchase price of the property.

Other documents which are recorded in our office are notary bonds and commissions, veteran's discharges, financing statements, elected officials bonds, satisfactions of mortgages, release of mortgages, and power of attorney.

Notice of Change in Filing Fees

The Carbon County Commissioners have approved a $5.00 per parcel increase to the UPI (Uniform Parcel Identifier) fee. As a courtesy, the Carbon County Office of the Recorder of Deeds, in conjunction with the Office of Information Technology have made note of these changes on the “Fee Schedule” located on the Recorder of Deeds web page. The increased fees become effective January 4th, 2021. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Recorder of Deeds

Fee Schedule

Effective Date: January 4, 2021
Updated: December 10, 2020

All documents listed below will include the parcel certification fee, effective June 30, 2005.
All documents listed below are up to 4 pages, 4 names, 1 parcel.
All documents listed below with an "*" are not subject to the parcel fee increase.
Effective 04/16/2021

All recording fees must be for the exact amount. We cannot give refunds. Any overages $10.00 or less will be forfeited to the county.

Deed 79.75
Mortgage 79.75
Assignment of Mortgage 73.75
Release of Mortgage 73.75
Mortgage Amendment 33.50
Mortgage Extension 33.50
Mortgage Modification 33.50
Mortgage Subordination 33.50
Assumption Agreement 33.50
Mortgage Satisfaction 73.75
Termination of Assignment of Rents/Leases 73.75
Assignment of Rents & Leases 33.50
Easement or Right of Way 73.75
Lease Agreements 73.75
Highway Occupancy Permits 33.50
Declaration of Taking 33.50
Action to Quiet Title 73.75
Order of Court 33.50
Agreement of Sale 73.75
Declaration of Acquisition 39.50

Subdivision Map (first page) (pages over one are 3.00 extra per page) (Parcels numbers over one are $15.00 each)

Survey Maps 33.50
*General Power of Attorney 18.50
Miscellaneous Documents (that would require a parcel#) 33.50
*Miscellaneous Documents (that do not require a parcel#) 18.50
*Notary Public Bond and Commission 33.50
Additional fees
Deeds (Pages over four) 4.00 Per Page
Mortgages (pages over four) 4.00 Per Page
Other Documents (pages over four) 2.00 Per Page
Names Over four 0.50 Per Name
Parcels over one 15.00 Per Parcel
Copies 0.50 Per Page
Certification of Document 1.50 Per Document
Rejection Fee 5.00 Per Document
Financing Statements
*Secured Transaction - Standard Form 105.00
*Release - Standard Form 105.00
*Assignment - Standard Form 105.00
*Continuation - Standard Form 105.00
*Amendment - Standard Form 105.00
*Termination - Standard form 105.00
*Non-Standard Forms are no Longer Acceptable  
Preferential Assessment (clean and green act)
Preferential Assessment Application 33.50
Preferential Assessment Breach 33.50
Preferential Assessment Application Amendment 33.50
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