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The goal of the Carbon County Animal Shelter is to find good homes for homeless dogs.

Adoption Fee Schedule

The adoption fee for all dogs that are already spayed or neutered upon entering the Carbon County Animal Shelter is $100.00. The adoption fee includes the following:



  1. There will be a $50.00 deposit for any person who adopts a dog from the Carbon County Animal Shelter that is not spayed or neutered at the time of adoption. They will be required to have the dog sterilized within 45 days of adoption, upon sterilization of the dog, the adopter’s $50.00 deposit will be returned.
  2. Adoption Fee + Spay/Neuter Deposit = $150.00
  3. If adopting a dog who is under 6 months of age, the new adopter will have until the dog turns 7 months old to have them spayed or neutered. Upon spaying/neutering the adopter’s $50.00 deposit will be returned.
  4. Adoption Fee + Spay/Neuter Deposit = $150.00
  5. If the dog being adopted has been spayed or neutered by the shelter there is an additional $100.00 fee to cover this cost.
  6. Adoption Fee + Spay/Neuter Fee = $200.00

Fillable Forms in association with the Carbon County Treasurer's Office:
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