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The genealogical resources at the County Archives of Carbon County are among the heaviest used records of the archives. Most of the records are on microfilm and are available for searching by patrons. To aid researchers who cannot visit the county archives, we provide a limited reference mail service. This service is intended as a preliminary search. There will be no attempt to identify an ancestor or construct a genealogy. For each individual to be searched, please provide the name to be searched, the approximate years the person lived in Carbon County and the borough or township in which they resided. All information provided will be helpful in locating your request.

Additional information:

To utilize this service, a cost of $2.00 per person requested, $2.00 per reference source, and $.75 per page is required. The following is a listing of some of the more requested records:

  • Birth and death records (1894-1905 only)
  • Naturalization records (1843-1958)
  • Estate files (1843-present).
  • Marriages (Oct. 1, 1885-present)
  • Veterans administration records (1919-present)
  • Road and bridge records (1843-1965)
  • Molly Maguire trial transcripts
  • Election records (1935 - present)
  • Court of quarter session (1843-present)
  • Court of common pleas (1843-present)
  • Sheriff's deed books (1843-1918)