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Carbon County GIS - (CCGIS)

Carbon County Geographic Information System (CCGIS) is responsible for maintaining a regional geographic information system (GIS) landbase and data warehouse. CCGIS manages authoritative GIS resources to meet common objectives of both the County and it’s respective municipalities, to reduce duplication of efforts, maximize resources, provide for an efficient method of sharing information and provide timely updated data to the public.


The CCGIS mission is to maintain and promote the use of a regional geographic data warehouse for Carbon County, to assist in the development of shared geographic data and automated systems which use that data.
CCGIS meets its mission statement through three primary functions:

Landbase Maintenance

The County geospatial landbase consists of over 50+ data layers including lots, parcels, roads, addresses and more. Additions, deletions, updates and corrections are made regularly to provide the most updated landbase possible.

Data Warehouse Management

CCGIS manages and maintains hundreds of data layers in its spatial data warehouse. Layers are provided by the CCGIS, PAGIS, NEPA, PennDOT, FEMA, and others. The spatial data warehouse is shared and used by the same entities.

Public GIS Data Access

Carbon County GIS provides free public access to over many data layers via their online services. CCGIS also provides interactive maps, data extracts, and custom mapping services.

CCGIS goals are to continue to meet their mission statement by:

  • Ensuring the geographic data currency and integrity
  • Developing strategic partnerships with other regional GIS agencies
  • Encouraging and facilitating the sharing and publication of GIS data with other jurisdictions
  • Providing cost effective access to geographic data to member agencies, subscribers, and the public