Elected Officials

Commissioners Manage the business affairs of the county. 570-325-3611
Controller Serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the County. 570-325-2756
Coroner Investigates and determines the cause and manner of death for all deaths coming under the jurisdiction of the Coroner's Office. 570-249-4992
District Attorney Enforces the criminal laws of the State of Pennsylvania. 570-325-2718
Recorder of Deeds Manages the recording of important documents and transactions. 570-325-2651
Sheriff Primary responsibility is the security of the Court of Common Pleas. 570-325-2821
Treasurer Responsible for the deposit and dispersal of county funds. 570-325-2251
Prothonotary Administrative control and responsibility for keeping and maintaining all official civil documents and records.  570-325-2481
Clerk of Courts The Clerk of Courts staff is responsible for the filing and maintaining the pledging of the records of all criminal proceedings. 570-325-3637
Register of Wills Probating wills and appointing fiduciaries to administer descendants' estates.
Processing matters involving non-profit corporation. Acts as agent for Inheritance Taxes due the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Other Departments

Animal Shelter/K9 Provides safe shelter for homeless dogs with the hope of adoption. 570-325-4828
Archives Provides public records upon request, including, but not limited to genealogy research. 570-325-5713
Area Agency on Aging Provides information, programs and services to older adults. 800-441-1315
Children & Youth Investigates all reports of suspected child abuse in Carbon  County. Also protects, promotes, and or provides for the well being of children, birth through age eighteen. 570-325-3644
Communication Center Provides 9-1-1 services and public safety radio communications with a professional, courteous, and well trained staff. 570-325-9111
Correctional Facility Provides a safe and secure environment for individuals legally committed whether awaiting trial, are probation/parole violators, or are sentenced. Several programs are available to the inmate population including Drug and Alcohol counseling, Re Entry programs and Church based programs. 570-325-2211
County Administrator Serves as the chief operating official of Carbon County and is responsible for all county departments, including the County Commissioner’s office staff, but excluding the offices of elected officials. 570-325-3611
Elections/Voter Registration The Office of Voter Registration is responsible for the conduction of Federal, state, county and local elections. We coordinate the setup of 51 county polling locations, as well as staff and train approximately 260 precinct election officials. We consistently maintain and update all information pertaining to over 43,597 voters. Above all, we strive to maintain a high quality of customer service and to preserve the integrity of this office and Carbon County. 570-325-4801
Emergency Management Plans and directs emergency procedures from natural disasters.     570-325-3097
Fiscal/Data Processing Responsible for all financials associated with the AS400 along with technical support. 570-325-4275
Geographical Information Systems/Mapping Maintains the Countywide GIS system. 570-325-8519
Human Resources Responsible for payroll, benefits, and all human resources requirements for employees. 570-325-8523
Information Technology Manages all technological aspects of Carbon County Government, including telecom, security and environmentals.  Directs the matriculation of all County data to both public and private entities. 570-325-3611
Maintenance Manages and maintains the buildings and grounds owned by Carbon County.     570-325-4713
Parks and Recreation Manages the County-owned Mauch Chunk Lake Park.     570-325-3669
Penn State Extension Carbon County Disseminates research based, practical information concerning horticulture, composting, nutrition, food safety, livestock, agriculture, parenting and 4-H. 570-325-2788
Planning & Development     Handles land use planning and zoning. 570-325-3671
Public Defender Offers legal representation to eligible Carbon County residents with criminal matters.     570-325-2343
Purchasing Provides centralized purchasing of goods and services for county departments. 570-325-8988
Tax Assessment Maintains assessment rolls Ad Valorem Taxation. 570-325-5254
Tax Claim Bureau The mission of the Tax Claim Bureau is to collect and distribute delinquent real estate taxes in the most effective manner. 570-325-3635
Veterans Affairs Assists with Federal, State, & County VA Benefits 570-325-3986
Workforce Training Provide local job seekers with information regarding training programs and options available to assist them in obtaining employment opportunities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. 570-325-2701

 Additional Locations and Agencies

Courts    Carbon County Courts